Refill Service

We all have them, beautiful candle jars purchased over the years. Some half burned, forgotten at the back of the cupboard because something went wrong with the candle, but the jar is just too lovely to toss out. Besides, remember how much it cost?

Well, enough of putting it off.

Send those jars to us and for a small service fee, the price of wax and wick, we will clean, test and refill those jars with pure Australian beeswax. We love resoring and reusing.

Beeswax does burn at a higher temperature than other waxes and not all jars are designed to take the heat and convection. For safety we will check your jars before hand. As a general rule if the jars are made from tempered glass (85-100c) have an open neck or have previously been used for beeswax, can be refilled.

What about postage?

If you are not local, we know postage is a big factor when it comes to recycling, so to encourage reusing, we will pay the return shipping. Your jars will be returned to you, in the box you sent them in, up to 2kg weight.

Refill Service

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