Meet  the Team

Serene’s Beeswax Chandlery was established from the collaborative ideas of Trevor Sorensen, a second generational beekeeper from Warwick and Amanda and Serena Bath of Maryvale, from the Southern Downs region Queensland Australia.


Trevor envisaged products, using a portion of his family's beeswax supply, instead of selling the entire stock to the commercial market. Approaching Amanda and Serena in early 2016, he believed they could do something useful with the wax and in turn, help promote the family business and the beekeeping industry of the local area.

In June 2018, they were invited, by the Queensland Beekeepers Association, to include their candles in the Association’s display at the Royal Brisbane Show in August. In 2019 they were included in the Association’s, list of producers and exclusive supplier of beeswax candles, at the Royal Brisbane Show.

As the chandlery continues to grow, as of January 2021 the entire stock of Sorensen's beeswax will be processed by Serene's. Producing products with this beautiful natural resource has fueled their interest in the industry of apiculture in its entirety. They aim to produce quality candles and products using only;

  • Australian beeswax, pure cotton or hemp wicks for candles

  • Australian essential oils and natural botanicals for soaps & skin care

  • Locally farmed oils, milks and honey for skin care

  • Locally sourced beef leaf tallow(rendered by Serene's) for leather conditioning and skin care

  • Earn accreditation as formulators for skin care


Key messages they promote

• 100% beeswax products go hand-in-hand with the Apiary industry. Purchasing these products

    will support our beekeepers, who support our farmers, who support the families in our nation.
• Beeswax candles are natural ionizers; they remove impurities from the air, eliminating the need for

   artificial air fresheners and cleansers.
• 100% pure beeswax candles burn longer than any other wax.
• Skin needs feeding to stay healthy. Only essential oils, plant colourants & botanicals are added.
• To cleanse, calm, restore and promote life.


Trevor Sorensen

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Producer, Support &

Supply Department


Amanda Bath

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Chandler and Administration

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Serena Bath

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Chandler and Art department


Jillian Bath

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Orders & Dispatch