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Meet  the Team

Serene's Beeswax Chandlery was established in 2016, by Amanda and Serena Bath. Their desire was to create a collection of products inspired by the large household chandleries of the15th century, whereby local produce was obtained to create: lighting, cleaning, preserving and medicinal products.


Only pure Australian beeswax, sourced from local beekeepers, is use to make their prized pure beeswax candles and is the base ingedient in every product they formulate.

Together they refine the beeswax and formulate products, which inturn helps promote the beekeeping industry of their local area. From small beginings, Serene's has grown to become a small batch, artisan manufacturer of fine beeswax candles and products.

Amanda and Serena play an active roll in the process of the chandlery; from hand selecting the beeswax from local Apiarists, who are acknowledged for their careful beekeeping practices and industry standards. They oversee the refinement of the beeswax, create original formulars for each of their skincare and home care products and handcraft the pure beeswax candles.


Botanicals, oils and milks are chosen from Australian suppliers and local growers. Uniquely formulating each product to include beeswax, with the desire to support skin health and promote a non-toxic home environment.

Core Values

  • Use only Australian beeswax, pure cotton or hemp wicks for candles

  • Source Australian owned or made essential oils and natural botanicals for soaps & skin care

  • Support locally farmed oils, milks and honey for skin care


Key messages they promote

When purchasing Australian beeswax products, this goes hand-in-hand with the Apiary industry.

Purchasing these products will help support our beekeepers, who support our farmers, who support the families in our nation.

Beeswax candles are natural ionizers; they remove impurities from the air, eliminating the need for

artificial air fresheners and cleansers.
100% pure beeswax candles burn longer and brighter than any other wax.
Use essential oils, plant colourants & botanicals, to care for skin and support repair.
To cleanse, calm, restore and promote life.

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