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Fine Australian Beeswax

Straight from the hive, Refined By Us

Bee-Kind to Your Senses
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Beeswax Candles Australia

Add a touch of nostalgia to your home, with beautiful beeswax candles. No other wax burns as bright or lasts as long as beeswax.

Longing for a candle which is not artificially scented? Freshen your home with the natural honey aroma of beeswax.


Serene's handcrafted candles are available in a variety of Tealights, Votives, Tapers, Pillars, Jar, Sculptural and Floating Designs.

There was a wonderful atmosphere of gentle age, a smell of flowers and beeswax, sweet yet faintly sour and musty; a smell that makes you feel very tender towards the past. — Dodie Smith, I Capture The Castle

Beeswax Skin Care

At Serene's, we have the pleasure of creating artisan, handcrafted soaps and skin care products, including fine Australian beeswax in each one.

Each product is uniquely formulated.

Cosmeceutical ingredients are added for their beneficial properties, textures, natural colours and fragrances.

Serene's range of skin care products is ever growing. Not to be rushed, each product is carefully tested to industry standards.

Choose from Lip Butters, Artisan Soaps and Body Butter

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I am not afraid of beauty, unlike most artists today. The pollen, the milk, the beeswax, they have a beauty that is incredible, that is beyond the imagination... - Wolfgang Laib

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Beeswax Products

Beeswax has been used since ancient times for personal and home care products, taking pride of place as a preserving method.

In our mondern living, we can still enjoy all the benifits beeswax has to offer. With little effort make the change and include something old, as something new.

Serene's home care products offer a practical alternative to our modern dilemma of waste and toxins. Each product was custom made and became so popular, they are now included in store.

The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors,

but because she labors for others. -St. John Chrysostom

Pure Beeswax Shop

Serene's beeswax shop hand selects wax from local Apiarists, acknowledged for their careful beekeeping practices and industry standards.

We carefully refine the wax, leaving the natural colour and fragrance, creating premium beeswax candles and products.

Do you need?

  • Wholesale or Dropshipping Options

  • Bulk order

  • A custom product

  • Beeswax for your own project 

Message or call us for a quote or see the link below for our selection of options.

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