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Serena and Amanda Bath

About Serene's
Beeswax Chandlery

Serene's Beeswax Chandlery began with a passion for creating quality products using natural, local ingredients. As co-founders, Serena and Amanda have pooled their talents to bring you a unique line of luxury beeswax candles, natural skincare and home care products.

Starting with a single block of beeswax, they fell in love with the idea of making high-quality, all-natural products from this incredible ingredient. Fast forward a few years, and their online store has become a thriving hub for customers looking to purchase pure beeswax, natural skincare solutions, home care products and handcrafted, premium beeswax candles.


Their passion for sustainability and quality has led them to open their very own bricks-and-mortar store in Killarney, Queensland and they have started offering wholesale options to businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Our Products

Supporting our local commercial beekeepers is our main focus. We buy direct and use only the finest quality beeswax refined in-house to ensure a pure product.


As skilled chandlers and natural skincare formulators, we work hard to create beautiful and effective products using the natural benefits of beeswax.


Our local Australian suppliers and growers provide us with the best possible materials, ensuring that our customers always receive top-quality products.

We are dedicated to crafting superior beeswax candles to illuminate your home, natural skincare products with ethically sourced ingredients, to promote your overall skin health and home care solutions for a non-toxic home environment.

For the betterment of our nation

Serena and Amanda

Collection of Serene's Beeswax Chandlery's, body and lip butters.
Pure beeswax 25g bars.

Our Core Values

At Serene's Beeswax Chandlery, we are committed to promoting life. To cleanse, calm and restore your body and home.

Our core values drive everything we do, from sourcing ethical ingredients to supporting our local beekeeping industry.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our sourcing practices. We are a proud member of the Eco Packaging Alliance, which allows us to minimize our environmental impact by offsetting our carbon emissions. At Serene's Beeswax Chandlery, we are dedicated to creating products that are good for you and good for the planet.

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